We all love live music.  At the moment we are not allowed to sing carols in the street, or in pubs, or strike up a traditional song while having a beer, or play music for our friends in a pub for a special occasion. the only exemption are Morris dancers.. and it may be  that they dance they dont sing!

so – can the laws on music making in public be reviewed in so far as   they actually affect our rights as citizens to burst into song, to celebrate our wonderful life ?? And hopefully the more idiotic laws will be repealed.

Why is this idea important?

As a music professor of 30 years, (colchester institute.. now part of Univ of Essex  degree programmes) and as Trustee of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust  for 10 years I have followed the attempts of the musicians unions and societies ( eg MU and ISM) to bring, through petitions, pressure on the government to repeal the laws that conspire against live music. Nothing has been achieved.   In particular and as a result of this inertia, so-called 'traditional' music is dying out precisely because it was in the pub that it thrived. 100 years ago Ralph Vaughan Williams prophesied that traditional music would die out… it didnt thanks to the folk revival of the late 1950s (Bert Lloyd, Ewan McColl and others) .. but it is severely under strain  now.

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