Anyone who's ever had to give the police a formal statement (I did yesterday), knows how painful it is watching an under-trained officer trying to type in your statement.  My statement took almost 3 hours – I could have typed it myself and e-mailed it to the station in under 20 minutes! Apparently, I'm not allowed to do this.  Surely it would make more sense to allow me to email my statement, which can then be pasted into official Police software and I can attend the station to sign the statement and make any necessary legal declarations.

Assuming that every officer has, at some point, had to deal with taking statements, think how many man-hours this one little step could save for EVERY force EVERY DAY!

Why is this idea important?

With police forces facing cuts, then surely an efficiency saving such as this would take a heavy burden off each force.  This wasteful tying up of man hours means increased numbers are needed to deal with the amount of work they have to do.  This could potentially realise thousands of man-hours every year, and would also free up officers to deal with more important aspects of their work.

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