We live ona  small, densley populated island that is drowning under a sea of litter often created by waste from foreign owned big businesses selling take out food that adds to the nation's health problems and therefore everyone's NI contributions. They should be made to pay for the litter they create and for clearing it up.

Fast food and take out food companies should pay a specific tax in relation to their size and profits. this money should be directly used to pay for more litter bins, employ more refuse staff, employ landscape gardeners to make cities where they are situated more attractive.

Those people who would be employed as a result would be paying tax therefore contributing to the economy and not being paid for doing notjhing and unemployed. Their contribution would also generate exptra income for the NHS to help pay for obesity treatment caused by the fast food and take out companies junk food.

Why is this idea important?

The UK is a small island, densely po;ulated and reliant on tourism. the litter caused by fast food is disgusting it puts people off the UK as a tourist attraction. Frankly is Canada can pay refuse collectors to drive up and down the Niagar Falls resort all day then why can;'t we? After all big business will be paying directly for the problem it causes.

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