Introducing democracy into the United Kingdom.

Why is this idea important?

At the moment, only one of our Houses of Parliament is elected. The House of Lords is an unelected non-representative legislative body that has not been elected by the electorate of the country; neither are the members of this House answerable to or removable by the electorate.

Neither is the head of state of the United Kingdom elected by the people. Once the tenure expires of the present occupier of that office, as a matter of democracy the post should be an elected one for which the electorate should be able to elect a President as head of state. As a matter of democracy, the list of potential candidates could/should include members of the Royal Family.

As part of the endeavours to introduce democracy into the United Kingdom, parliamentary candidates should be selected by the electorates in the constituencies for which they aspire to represent in Parliament.

An initial selection could consist of as many as 100 or more potential candidates who would be wittled down by repeated democratic votes of local constituency voters which would then result in a final parliamentary candidate for a particular political party. Is that too hard to do? I think not.

At the moment, the electorates in the various constituencies are faced with a choice of candidates which have been chosen for them by a small cadre of people. The result is that all too often the constituency candidates are not what the electorate in a particular constituency want; the pre-chosen candidates often do not represent the majority view of the constituencies' electorate; political dynasties are created in which those from politically well-known or connected families are placed in constituencies because of their families' influence and for no other reason; or political time-servers and sycophants worm their way into Parliament.  The electorate of the United KIngdom should no longer be expected to put up with the 'Henry Ford' choice by voting for any candidate you like as long as it is one that the political establishment has pre-picked for you. 'Democracy' means that electors pick their own list of candidates, okay?

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