Smoking causes cancer, so if you smoke Marijuana it is true that you risk cancer just like you do if you smoke tobacco. But the important point to remember with this is that it is the smoke that damages your health, not the marijuana. Smoking is not illegal. Marijuana is illegal, more specifically THC is illegal. But it is now a proven fact that THC has no cancer causing properties at all, but infact is a most effective cure for cancer. It has been proven by Scientist from Oxford and Harvard, and by a canadian called Rick Simpson who succesfully cured many people from many serious cancers with THC in the form of hemp oil. There has never been any good reason for Marijuana to be illegal. It is a natural substance and, unlike alcohol, is not physically addictive or harmful in any way. Now that is has become confirmed that THC is a cure for cancer, aswell as being an effective medicine for sufferers of diabetes, aids, MS, arthritis and much more, it is simply criminal for any government to outlaw it. For everyday that goes by there are people suffering and dying from cancer because they are being denied a possible cure. THC is a harmless, natural drug which has much medicinal value. It is irrelevant wether you personally like using marijuana as a social drug, an alternative to alcohol. To make a natural plant illegal and to deam those who use it for medicinal or social reasons as criminals is nothing short of fashism. It is oppression to criminalise people who are causing no harm to anyone. I would like to know how politicians sleep at night when they deny people medicine. When they deny a cure for cancer that is completely natural and could be completely free to all those that suffer daily. Is it because it is natural and there for could be free. Is because it could replace so many less effective, more harmful medicines that are man made, unnatural and there for patentable and basically make lots of money.

Why is this idea important?

Because the laws against marijuana are oppressive laws. They are fashist laws. Many people, including my grandfather, fought a war so that we could be free from fashism. This law is a disgrace. So many harmful and dangerous subtsances are legal, yet a natural drug that is harmless, unless smoked, and of great medicinal value is illegal. How can this be justified?

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