Remove the burden of 50% of joint marital debt (for example Mortgage Repayments and utility service bills) from the responsibility of a spouse, whose husband or wife has deserted them and left the UK. Then force the Creditor(s) to trace the guilty partner for the repayment of the remaining 50% of joint debt, rather than pursuing the innocent partner left in the UK.

Why is this idea important?

I am witnessing the financial destruction and well-being of a good person whose marital partner deserted them some 2 years ago. They have spent all their earnings todate and a proportion of my OAP savings on paying off unpaid bills, whilst maintaining regular payments to the creditors of the joint marital debt. Because they are just able to exist financially they are unable to obtain legal assistance to obtain a divorce and more importantly resolve the matter of disposing of the jointly registered mortgaged property.

Surely justice must be seen to protect and help the innocent party here in the UK or perhaps they should also desert the UK, leaving us all to foot the bill.

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