Our society has changed since the time in the eighteenth century when this law was made. It is ridiulous that a woman can get married in any hotel in any part of the country, but cannot get married in a church without living within the County boundaries of that church for at least 7 days during the year prior to the date of marriage. This discriminates against church weddings.

Why is this idea important?

The law needs to be changed because It discourages couples from getting married in a church.

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  1. Church of England regulations have been changed to allow people to marry in a parish in which their parents reside or have resided. This enables people who have moved away to be married in the place they call ‘home’. However this privilege has not been extended to other denominations, which are governed by civil legislation. As a non-conformist minister I see couples having difficulty getting permission to marry in their ‘home’ church, which seems unfair.

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