133 posts in 5 days (site opened 01/07/2010) on the subject of the legalisation of cannabis of which 97% agree with the motion.

97% of 133 = 129.01. Therefore, we will assume a pro-lobby post total of 129.

129 (posts) / 5 (days) = 25.8 average (posts a day)

Average of 12 replies per post of which over 99% agree with the motion.

Therefore, 12 (users per topic posting replies) x 129 (original posts) = 1,548 (average pro -motion advocates) + 129 (Pro-motion original posters) = 1,677 Pro-motion users, average.

1,677 (Pro-motion users) / 5 (days) =  335 new pro-motion users a day, average.

335 (pro-motion users a day) x 365 (days a year) = 9,460 original pro-motion posts/ replies a year by mostly individuals numbering the same.

9,460 (posts / users per year) x 1,677 (pro-motion users) = 122,275 pro-motion users a year.

122,275 (annual pro-motion users) / 60,000,000 (UK population) = above 2 % of our national population! Of course, that's only annual average of those that visit this site to join the call for legalisation.

Taking the number of individuals who have bothered to post here into account and applying a reasonable average, one could assume that for each of the 122,275 annual pro-lobby posters here there will be 100 similar minded individuals who won't visit this site.

Therefore: 122,275 x 100 = 12,227,500 probable adult cannabis users or pro-lobbyist's in the UK. That's 20% of our national population.

Lets say that each user spends an average of £30.00 a week on supporting their habit, which currently goes to the black market.

£30 x 12,227,500 = £360,000,000.00 Annual revenue which could (should) be diverted towards growing British business and emboldening our dwindling economy in general.

Now, the good bit if you're a politician / law maker: Say tax on cannabis would be similar to that of alcoholic spirits. That's 17.5% VAT + 5.5% alcoholic spirit tax = 23%

23% of £360,000,000 =  £82,800,000 in annual tax revenue through usage alone without calculating other additional income such as tourism, GDP,entertainment and other particulars.



Why is this idea important?

If fixing our ailing economy is not a good  enough reason to legalise cannabis, then what is?! Time to wakey wakey Britain! We're in a hell of a mess financially and, frankly, we need to consider every option open to us of which legalisation of cannabis is the most accessible and lucrative.

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