The recently released proposals for MCS accreditation of installers for small hydro is inappropriate and unworkable.

Proposed accreditaion standard is objected to by working hydro memebers of the Hydro Working Group – so much for an "industry led" process. How can an Installer Standard be issued with so much industry led objection to it?

In partcular the requirements in Appendix A are virtually impossible to fullfill.

I have 15 years experience as an engineer working in small hydro , and I could not fulfill the requirments of Appendix A.  They are impractical, unnecesary and expensive.

Why is this idea important?

Small hydro has the potential to contribute to renwable energy provision in UK.

Many smaller schemes (under 50 kW) are now becoming viable, 

The requirement for MCS acceditation if installer and equipment is killing the market

A classic case of inappropriate and overburdensome regulation, which is what I thought this governement was firmly against.

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