It really is time to bring back the dog licence in some form. I am a dog owner myself but am angry that so many, particularly children, are still getting attacked by dogs and that nothing is being done about it other than by wrongly targeting so called "pit bull types". Again it is not the dogs but the owners who have little idea of how to treat these dogs which incidentally pose no more threat than any other if treated correctly and with understanding.

As responsible owners we must treat our pets with the respect they deserve which means that we treat them as dogs, not humans, with needs which differ from our own. This entails giving them proper daily exercise as well as food and shelter, so that they do not feel frustrated and so more likely to bite if provoked or left unsupervised.

Courses could also be run for potential new owners and the council should be aware of where dogs are being kept. With the vast numbers of dogs in shelters, and those thousands euthanised every year in the UK,  it high time breeders were strictly regulated. It is all too easy to churn out their puppies to those who have little intention of keeping them past the puppy stage and turn a blind eye to those abandoned to almost certain death.

Only when we address all the issues, as well as that of protecting the public, can we start to tackle this serious and increasing  problem.

Why is this idea important?

Because the issue of dog ownership should be treated with more gravity. A civilised society has responsibilities to those in it as well as to the animals we choose to share our lives with.

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