My idea is to get this passed so people can get self help, to combat a number of health problems  , also to cut expensive medical bills from hospitals , also will cut petty crime ,also will stop an illegal billion pound industry , taking money out of the british econemy. Also it will generate money with the sale of this product …. billions can be made from this , also it is 100% green ,

Why is this idea important?

to save britain from cutting of its nose to spite its face. to help thousands of ms pats, artistis suffers , cancer , mental health prolems , adhd … etc etc etc .

to make money for the british econemy , to cut petty crime so police can focus on the serouis crime's . like murder and child molester's .

To become a green nation also help with cloth and paper as the hemp can be used for 1000's of products.

To help britains econemy and it spending , will also stop crime lords targeting england with the drugs , when the government should be doing it for the people ,and making mass amount of money to put back in to society.

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