100 million American citizens can now lawfully obtain and use cannabis for the relief of chronic ill- health. UK citizens should also enjoy this basic freedom.

Why is this idea important?

 Since the reclassification of cannabis by Gordon Brown, prosecuting authorities have lacked the discretion to decline to prosecute the use of cannabis to alleviate chronic pain and distress. Last year, there were several cases of such people being dragged through the Courts, fined and even jailed.

 The previous Government obstinately refused to contemplate permitting the use of raw cannabis to combat chronic ill- health.  It insisted that all medicines must be licensed; ruling out the raw product because the licensing of each individual compound in cannabis would be wholly impractical.

 But raw natural products in their tens of thousands are lawfully dispensed in the UK as "Chinese medicines."  Why should the mysterious Chinese products be permitted but cannabis be contraband?

 Keeping people in needless pain is torture.

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