The suggestion that men who seek prostitutes are criminals is evil spin. It serves no one but those seeking to expand their power base. Customers are ordinary men who want sex outside of their current relationship(s) or who simply lack the seduction skills to start a relationship.

Proposals to criminalise men seeking prostitiutes are based on the feminist lie that prostitutes are exploited women. While this is no doubt true in a small minority of cases it is far from true generally. Women who enter prostitution do so because it is very lucrative. They can earn a 4-figure sum daily. A sum that's untaxed. (Is this really exploitation?)

But I would go further. Common practice amongst prostitutes and pimps is take the customer's money and not deliver the sex he has paid for. Pimps — often gangsters — threaten him with violence.

This is clear extortion. It is robbery. It should be regarded as a crime. A customer should not fear that legal authorities would turn away from him if this situation arose — let alone arrest him after being robbed in this topsy-turvy world of feminism.

Why is this idea important?

Legislation should be based on fact and not myths advanced by political ideologues. Adults should be free to make their own choices.

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