Difficult to express due to legal issues: ongoing.

Why is this idea important?

In response to clare: a simplification. Social services are producing reports that are corrupt. They are altering police incidents and are able to get away with this due to medical confidentiality. They make police incidents that are relevent to the case they are dealing with disapear for reasons that only they could answer. The reports are then submitted to judges at mh tribunals: arbitrary reports. The examples of their corrupt practices are rarely sighted and go un challenged. This I have evidence of but can only show proof linked to one group from Corby in Northamptonshire, however they represent the industry. I also have proof that staff at Berrywood Hospital in Northampton, psychiatrists, also are constructing reports to suit their own agendas, as with social services, it is something only they could answer. I have challenged them and thus far they have been able to avoid questioning as the Hospital is able to coerce and control a patients legal defence which then questions the purpose of a legal defence in respect to representation for patients in this Hospital.

My broad interpretation of the way in which abuse is occuring is through witnessing the treatment of patients in this Hospital and gaining an insight into their cases. Also, I read other complaints through sites such as this one and other media outlets.

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