Mental Health and the legal body supporting it needs to be overhauled: it is detrimental to patient health through its self governing that is in conflict with the Acts that govern it. It is also an example of the state being robbed of its coffers. The government  should also stop inplementing a social services policy of tolerating the employment of pathalogical liars that have so much influence over decissions made by Judges.

Why is this idea important?

Social services are the Judges in mental health case issues. The judges are being fooled by social workers that are generally ignorant un educated idiots who are more creative in their report writing than great journalists. They lie, and this goes unquestioned. They change police incidents and often make them dissapear and are never challenged due to confidentiality clauses. They are a law unto themselves: un-governed beyond their own implementations of their own Act. An Act of abuse that is more flexable than the Nazi ideal. They are the cause of much criticism levelled at police as the police never get to sight what is written. The money spent by social services employing social workers to dream dramatic fables is criminal. The health of individuals and families is being destroyed by this body-unregulated-unanswerable.

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