I am disgusted that  parents in Islington who have / had a mental condition, or who have a mental disability, are not allowed to live with their child / children, because of recent legistlation changes by the Labour Party, which orders that these children be removed from their disabled parent and offered up for adoption. (ref: Adoption and Childrens' Act, Safeguarding Children Legistlation Islington, Mental Health Act, Disablility Choice and Control Islington, Personal Budgets……)

This is discrimination against the disabled, and infringes on their right to be integrated into society and not to be treated unfavourably, because of  their disability. It is a form of mental abuse of both parent and child, who wish to live with each other, and want to be able to see each other regularly. 

Legistlation should be changed, to allow mentally / physically disabled parents, the right to function with all the support they need ie in the home, as parents. Local authorities should be compelled to provide support of the parent in the home eg a live in Childcarer.

Scorning the mentally disabled has got to stop, starting with abolishing the legistlation, that forces the removal of children from parents, often by aggressive Police and Social Workers. The forced adoption of these children caused by legistlation / laws, should also be abolished. It is simply inhumane and fails to recognise the mental wellbeing of the disabled parent. It discriminates and is not  in line with the parenting allowed by the physically disabled.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the new Disability Discrimination Act, Personal Budgets for Support, seek  the fairer treatment  and independance of,  the disabled. The DD Act should also include a clause, that protects disabled / handicapped parents from abuse by Local Authorities and infringments on their Human Rights and civil liberties, such as being included in and enabled to function in, all life and social situations, including parenting.

This idea is important because exclusion of the disabled from parenting, denies a child it's right to be with it's parent, albeit against the child's wishes.

Mental disability should not be treated less favourably than a physical disability. The stigma of mental disabilitys or illnesses, impacts on families. The current legistlation encourages damaging stigma against the disabled, which is unacceptable, and must be abolished.

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