Merge the collection of data for Government use into one type of return:  Suggestion use the VAT return.  E.g. Only one form for companies to fill out every month/quarter for government tax and data requirements.  This should also apply to other data requests from other government departments which should be added to the same return when applicable.

Why is this idea important?

Merging the collection of data for Government use into one type of return will be better for the government and better for the company employees who have to fill out these forms making it  simpler and cheaper to do business in the UK.


Faster for the government and makes it more likely that this data is accurate

Less paperwork and time for companies (saves on government/companies  postage/telecom bills)

Amount and timing needed to fill out the NS returns then linked to size of company (e.g. small companies only do VAT returns quarterly so will only have to do National statistics quarterly), companies too small for VAT don't have to do form filling.

Highlights when an individual company has to fill out loads of them and should make it fairer by having better samples.

Collection of data will then be automatic and online and save on cival servants wages and stop errors

Saves on duplication of some data e.g. monthly turnover

HMRC can use the data also to sense check VAT / PAYE etc… to prevent fraud

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