The granting of a place at university should be based on academic ability, with no political interference or so-called positive discrimination. Reward merit, not quotas.

Why is this idea important?

Universities should be free to set their entrance criteria, with no political interference or regulation. Those with the highest A-Level results and best personal statements/references etc should be admitted to the best universities. The system needs to be truly meritocratic. To avoid accusations of bias, I propose that applications to universities are made as 'blind' as possible: e.g. the university does not have any details of ethnicity/income/social background/type of school/name of student. Rather, the universities receive a profile of a student, with results detailed and personal statements etc, but no data that can be manipulated to tick boxes for quotas or whatever. Applicants will be judged on their academic talents, which will raise standards at our universities by placing people at the most suitable institutions. People should be admitted regardless of background/race/class etc, but by denying universities that information they will be forced to consider ONLY academic talent, which is what is needed. That will allow for a true meritocracy, with everybody making it to university knowing that they earned their place. This will end the unfair system whereby some students are required to achieve far higher results than others to earn their place: make it equal for everybody.

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