It is not the animals fault if they turn out to be less than socialble.  Not only is it the fault of the owner but in many cases of irresponsible breeding (Puppy Farms etc).


The onus should be placed firmly anad squarly on the person who owns the dog not the dog, they have no say on how they are treated.

Compulsory Micro Chipping may also be the way to reduce dogs left to roam and cause problems and again the owner would be the person to be brought to boot.

All dogs/pups to be micro chipped before being sold on..

Why is this idea important?

Very simply

1.  Too many Bull Breeds are automatically seen as dangerous dogs when any breed can turn and cause problems not just Bull Breeds and it is these breeds that are paying the price with their lives

2.  Compulsory Micro Chipping would see pups/dogs sold via internet/papers/pet shops/dealers/puppy farms being traceable to the person who bred them and therefore the accurancy of their parentage etc.

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