Abolish the MCS which is due to be implemented April 2011. This idea from Ed Milliband certifies the products and companies who sell renewable energy products. These products are already CE rated at manufacture and are subject to local building regulations when fitted. If companies and their products are not accredited then consumers who buy non accredited products are not eligible for the costly green initiative RHI.

Why is this idea important?

Lots of smaller businesses cannot afford the £30,000 to have MCS accreditation and it will put them out of business. The only winners in this situation are the larger companies for example Mitsubishi, Trianco, Worcester Bosch who can afford to have an accreditation agency send an investigation team to various points of the globe to inspect the manufacture of whole or parts of renewable energy products to be sold in this country. No other country in the EU requires that these same products are given a third accreditation.

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  1. Totally aggree especially when we are qualified and experianced and spend a fortune on training. Also Gas safe & hetas should be involved .The trade should not support people in jumped up suits who can not find a trade for themnselves and have spunge off us to make a living.We have enough to pay for now.

    Unlike others we are trained and qualified in all aspects because of that effort we are busy.Must be requirement that you train with manufacturers like our company

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