Either stop increasing it or abolish it or set a basic amount. At the moment it is far too high why would i want to pay so much for a 17 year old to do the washing up/dishes and clear tables or a waitress. Absolutely ridiculous.

Due to the minimum wage it is easier for employes to employ 1x full time member of staff over the age of 21 , reduce the other staffs  hours and let them all do the washing up.

When people accept jobs they accept it because they wish to , no one is forced therefore the minimum wage has cost a lot of jobs for employers as we simply cant afford to employ at those rates. Additionally, a lot of people have left their stressful day jobs to work at check out counters in the evenings as thanks to the minimum wage , you can earn the same amount of money woking in Tesco, as opposed to working during the day in a bank and have a less of a stressful life.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important  as i am shocked that the government has not made the link that as the min wage goes up , employers like us reduce the staffs hours, employ less and keep cutting back. The minimum wage has been a block for recruitement and as soon as some one realises this and takes business owners more seriouly then we can not employ, each September we dread to see how much it is going to go up by so we can increase our prices and reduce staff levels, surely this is no good.

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