minimum wage must be increased dramatically.

The minimum wage??? how can people be expected to work for the minimum wage with inflation and taxes running out of control. I can understand if a couple, both on minimum wage work 40 hrs a week, may just be able to run a family without any help or benefits. However for a lot, One partner may have to bring the children up, or simply be too ill to work. What happens then? There is a lot of slating people who are on benefits, who really would prefer to be self sufficient, But whats happened to the lower end of pay in the past 20 -25 years. It has stayed exactly the same year after year in a round about way. Nobody comments on this situation. When I was 16 my dad was a crane driver at the local wharf. On a quite week he used to bring home £350 after deductions. I seriously can't imagine a crane driver bringing home more than £250- £300 a week after deductions nowaday's.

Large companies and greedy managers have totally stuffed the UK workforce. This in my opinion is why so many disheartened people find it hard to face working, when they would still simply struggle. Not to mention the shift in workplace employee rights and the "self employed" status which is now creeping in, to undermine any existing rights. The whole system is a rip off. And this is purely why our once Great Britain is wallowing in its own mire of unemployment and dependancy of benefits.

Small companies may struggle to afford to employ more staff on say £8 per hour, but if thats the case then the business is obviously not doing that well. If you cant afford something then  you dont buy it… We as a nation should'nt expect people to suffer and not have holidays or pension simply because some brake pedals that are manufactured would loose their competitive margin. The higher rates of pay would afford people to spend more, leading to increased sales on something else. So that argument does'nt wash with me.

Finally, surely it would be cheaper for the government to directly subsidise pay. Instead of vast amounts of citizens relying purely on benefits to live, would'nt it be better to have them work for £5.80 an hour payed for my the company that employs them, and £2.20 from the government. Rather than it all come from the government coffers. I know this is pretty much what happens anyway, However that person can say I earn £8 an hour and I don't receive any benefits. This would boost moral and surely end up being cheaper for the goverment.

Why does this idea matter?

I believe increasing the minimum wage is important, solely because it will get people out of their houses, off benefits and into work. It does'nt really matter to the individual what they do, but more importantly what you get…people who empty bins feel like they are valued and needed.

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