A Minister for Men should campaign against all forms of male discrimination.

(1) Make Improving the educational attainment of boys a political priority.

(2) Make the state recognize/support male domestic violence victims.

(3) Improve care and funding for prostate/testicular cancer sufferers.

(4) Make judges enforce child contact orders.

(5) Support equal parenting laws.

(6) Provide better help and retraining for unemployed men.

(7) Force a review of the CSA maintenance criteria where the mother has left her husband for another man, re-married or has simply walked out of a marriage with the children.

(8) Support anonymity for men accused of rape, unless found guilty.

(9) Improve care and support for men suffering from depression.

(10) Campaign against anti-male propaganda and male stereotyping in the media.

(11) Support equal sentencing criteria for men and women.

(12) Stop the political disenfranchisement of individual men by abolishing discriminatory all-woman shortlists and priority lists

Why is this idea important?

The women's rights movement has been very important for bringing a spotlight into the way our society treats women, and raising awareness of women's issues. Now I think it's time we had a similar movement for bringing attention to male issues. Young males are at the highest risk of suicide. Males have falling levels of achievement in school. Whilst breast and cervical cancer are well published in the national media, testicular, and prostate cancer remain in a certain amount of darkness. In a recent NSPCC campaign, 40% of boys reported being the victim of assaults by their partners, yet in ALL of campaign materials, the perpetrators of violence were depicted as boys! It's time for men to stand up for their rights, and the issues that affect them, and a Minister for Men is the way to do this.

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  1. Absolutely right. Fair is fair and equal is equal.

    Scrap women’s rights and men’s rights and gay rights etc and replace if with HUMAN rights for ALL.

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