The appeals system needs overhauling. Evidence used in the trial should not, automatically be excluded from an appeal.


Identification evidence needs to be positive, not partial, if the case is murder. Witnesses who attend ID parades should, absolutely, not meet each other; discuss or qualify the accuracy of each other’s choices. This is in our laws but, is not adhered to in police stations or in court.


In murder cases, circumstantial evidence should not be used to seek a conviction, there must be something to, unequivocally, link the defendant to the crime, not just hearsay or an imaginative prosecutor.


If a defendant/appellant can show poor or negligent defending, they should be able to appeal. 


Alleged 'cell confessions' should be inadmissable in court.


If a witness is shown, in court and under oath, to have lied, their evidence should be stricken from the case. Especially if they are Police Officers.


There are many more problems with the justice system, these are just the ones I have experienced myself, in a Miscarriage of Justice case.

Why is this idea important?



If these issues were reformed, it would save the country a lot of money. 


It can cost millions to wrongly prosecute a defendant and secure a conviction.


It costs an exorbitant amount of money to keep the wrongly convicted in prison.


It cost money to appeal a conviction.


It then costs money to compensate the wrongly convicted, when they have won their freedom back.


Our prisons are overcrowded so, let the innocent out. 

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