Make misrepresenting the law by Police Officer an offence.

Police are trained and given written guidance in the law, and they can at any time consult a lawyer over the radio, and most officers do this. However, a significant minority is essentially 'inventing' the laws as they see fit to the current situation with no legal basis.

Additionally, it is not a defence for a citizen not to know the law – why should it be to the Police?

Why is this idea important?

This page is about restoring civil liberties. However, even with the best laws in place, these may still be infringed on when the Police Officer ‘invents’ new or misuses an existing law to stop the person from legal activities. In cases where wrongful arrest has been made, the act committed by the Policeman may be punished by prosecution; however, where no arrest was made, personal freedoms have been infringed and there is no usable legal recourse. It is therefore important to, as a part of process to restore civil liberties, introduce this or similar offence.

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