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For interfering with peoples right to find happiness in their own way, for promulgating the myth that your body and person belong to the state, for weakening the public mind by nannying people instead of allowing them to shoulder their own responsibilities and make their own choices. Drug prohibition is extremely expensive (policing, customs, criminal justice, prisons), criminalises large segments of the population, makes quality control impossible and harm minimization difficult, makes criminals rich while driving addicts to crime by inflating prices, is hugely hypocritical with respect to the relative dangers of legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco (each of which result in more deaths annually than all illegal drugs combined), and deprives the government of tax revenue which could be spent on treatment – all while utterly and miserably failing in its primary purpose of preventing drug use. For example, the UK has higher rates of cannabis usage than the Holland, despite Dutch decriminalisation.

One Reply to “Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and all amendments thereto, also withdrawal from all treaties relating to the control of drugs.”

  1. i read in the paper that this law had simply put caused more trouble in society than any other virtually .i can just about believe this ,what really worries me is that we dont seem to want to admit that we are promoting alcohol sales on a global level but that cultures and substance use vary and these are partly the way in which people adapt to their surroundings, so we impose our values on peoplew who dont need to know that the cost of shares in wine production in the world have led to a currency percentage reduction somewhere else we dont control everything by control yes this law has elements of imperialism written all over it,live and let live with a living wage then people would not need to profit from selling substances that are synthetic or addictive,get your heads out of the sand ets move on and really make these power mongers wake up to the way there has to be variation in a changing world for real progress

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