I believe there should be more restrictions and laws governing the use of modified car exhausts. We have many, many, laws governing noise nuisance by neighbour’s… sterio’s etc but we are now bombarded by loud car exhausts. They are attracting more and more attention now and the police are picking up on it too now. I believe the decibel rating is 82db but I don’t know if that is idling or running. The police are now stopping and checking the decibel rating and I would like this rolled out on a country wide scale.

I cannot understand the ethos behind these exhausts other than to attract attention to the driver of these vehicles. But those of us whom do enjoy our cars and our sleep of a night are annoyed by these ‘boy-racers’ whom create this anti-social noise. No one has come up with a suitable explanation as to why have them in the first place?? On a race track it’s fine but not on public roads. There should be legislation and a ban on them.

Why is this idea important?

In our ever increasing society where noise is now increasing.  We need new tougher legislation and laws to control these noisy exhausts as they contribute to ‘noise pollution’ and ‘anti social bbehavior on an uprecedented scale.  There is no real or great need for them on the public highways and especially in residential areas.

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  1. Loud exhausts are just another form of ASB causing alarm and distress to every property they pass I can’t believe with new cars being made quieter the government has let this a boric nuisance take hold every nearly every car that passes my property has some form of aftermarket exhaust making a ridiculous noise

  2. I have a constant stream of go faster boy racers in my street up until sometimes 2 o clock in the morning. Non of them as far as I know actually live in my town but in outlying areas where they would not be tolerated. I have called the Police on them twice and been told basically that nothing can be done as they don’t have the resources to send out patrols who could monitor the culprits. I have a teenage daughter who is affected by the noise and it shows in her schoolwork. Lack of sleep is not something anyone can have without it eventually creating a negative result. We also have a ten week old baby boy who is woken by the noise . I don’t mind people having a good time but when it hurts my family I will do whatever it takes to remedy the problem. The Police service is not The Police force anymore simply because it has no force. They work for the government now and not the people who it was actually set up for. Being a Vigilante was something I used to associate with the Wild West. The chickens have come home to roost, seeing as how I live in Wales. I have to protect my Family and as there is no law I guess what will be will be !

    1. In Germany there was a scenic area that residents got so stressed they poured diesel on the road to stop the disrespectful loud bikers.
      Don’t even think of doing this as someone will get seriously hurt, but there are other ways to disable the illegal vehicles.
      I saw in New Zealand a vigilante went around squirting expanding foam down the illegal pipes. I’m not sure how the owners would be able to prosecute him damaging illegal property. He was spotted on CCTV but wore some disguise.

  3. Nobody should have a right to make their car exhaust louder than the soundlevel the car has when new. Why are these sick people allowed to get away with blatantly illegal behaviour destroying peoples wellbeing and right to peace and quiet. It is a health hazard totally ignored by the authorities and I am very angry about this.

    1. The trouble is it will only be you in your street who cares enough to complain about this. Many of your neighbours will sucumb to the stigma attached to people who complain.
      The best thing to do would be send around a petition then go to a local council meeting with it.

  4. It’s interesting how Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, TVRs, etc & other excotic cars can make a real racket on full song & that appears to be perfectly fine by most people. Infact if you look on youtube for “Best Exhaust Sounds” you will see folks who can afford these “Supercars” & other sports Cars. Some of these owners, sometimes go further & put “Straight Through” exhausts or aftermarket pipes on what are already very loud cars! Many of those, who are in positions to influence & change the Law, often drive quite LOUD cars themselves, and therefore may not particularly want the law being too restrictive regarding decibel limits, if you know what I mean!! I do hope that if these laws were implemented, then they would be applied to all, & not a two tier system. 🙂 I have worked on restoring English & Foreign classics. I have run them as classics, & as “modified”. And know many people who own & run “High end cars”, some race them, but what is interesting is that sometimes the unmodified cars exhausts are louder than modified!! I currently have a modified exhaust on my van. I modifed it as it was very low powered (a whopping 59bhp!!), and I also modified the suspension etc, as it handled terribly, especially if it was full of tools. And was downright dangerous in an emergency stop!! Now it is very safe, doesn’t wallow anymore, stops quickly & safely, and is a far improvement over the original product. Emissions are lower, because the combustion process is more efficient also!! And because of an increase in power, I can now overtake the countless tractors in my local area, & lorries on the Motorway – when safe 🙂 Is it louder than the original? Probably!! Well Okay..Highly Likely !! Am I courteous to my neighbours? Yes very! Should all drivers with modified exhausts be painted with the same brush? A VERY BIG NO! But I am working on a design at the moment on the exhaust to reduce noise further. I don’t need to, because the current noise level DB check involves, taking a noise reading at a certain height, & distance from the exhaust, at a certain rpm from the cars rev counter…wait for it… I don’t have one in my van & no electrical ECU or ignition system to take a reading from, as it’s an old desiel Van!! So nigh impossible to take a correct reading! Why am I doing it then? ….. Just doing it because I care about people 🙂 But I do agree that there are some very selfish, anti-social people around, who should be made to convert the exhaust back to standard on there vehicles. Apparently the police can take action if “You are driving it in a way that creates too much noise!” but that can be so subjective, as to be able to drive a bus through it! So I don’t know how much that will be enforced!! Anyway, that’s my stance..we’ll not all “baddies!”

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