Road Tax

  • Replace the Road Tax and minimum requirement for Third Party car insurance with a levy included in fuel charges – so any user has already paid road tax.  No need for a tax disc – all cars pay as they go in fuel costs. 
  • Charge and provide visitor tax disc to non-uk cars at point of entry – time based or mileage based charge.
  • Hypothecate at least as proportion of revenues to better road maintenance and more  efficient + cleaner engines.

Car Insurance

  • Set up an insurance policy administered by co-owned speciailst insurance business public /private (ie. existing insureunderwriters) for Third Party liabilities.
  • Private sector element tenders regularly for contract on fixed term to provide at optimal cost and administer for us.
  • Payout of 'medical' costs that NHS has to fix swift and directed to it by the Insurer.
  • Other third party costs dealt with fairly and within insurance contract laws.
  • Profits – shared by private sector firms in conglomerate and public purse.

Why is this idea important?

'More than a million drivers a year are exploiting a loophole in the enforcement of vehicle licensing law that allows them to pay less road tax, The Times has learnt. The DVLA has been aware of the loophole for at least four years but has failed to close it, costing the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds in lost revenue. This comes on top of estimates that up to four out of ten motorcyclists are evading road tax.

Vehicle excise duty (VED) evasion cost the taxpayer £214 million in 2006. This sum includes evasion by drivers who never register their vehicles and therefore cannot be sent automatic fines.

Public Accounts Committeee: The DVLA’s performance in tackling persistent evaders was “poor” '

Source: TheTimes 22 January 2008

Tax take is 100% .

  • DVLA is no longer needed – cost saving,.
  • Revenue opportunity from insurance for taxpayers.
  • All third parties covered.  NHS has single point of contact and speedy recovery of costs to public from road traffic accidents. 

'The DVLA has only 66 enforcement officers for the whole country' The Times 22 January 2008

Non-UK vehicles contribute to UK for road usage – thee enforcers are more effectively used in ensuring this smaller group is abiding by new structure.

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  1. How about instead of the tax disc.When a vehicle is taxed you have a long banner type license this goes a cross the top of the back window of any vehicle with the registration number and engine number or chassis number on it. then everyone can see at a glance if its taxed or not would this help.I think it would stop all of them dodging but what do you think. Ho what about motorbikes i ain’t so sure may be a plate that is attached to the number plate on the back

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