It is now freely admitted that this country does not know the true numbers of immigrants both legal and illegal who have entered ther country in the last few years.  However it takes no imagination whatsoever to see the impact which the number of no-British nationals are having upon our services.  One only has to look at hospital queues, pressures on Police, affect upon schools, statistics on violence, inability of Social Services to cope, Bank queues, etc., etc.

The system is in a shambles.  The only way this situation can be corrected is to place a complete ban on any immigration over the next 3/5 years  whilst the whole subject is reviewed and brought under control with proper procedures for entry to the UK, suitable numbers of properly trained staff put in place and a  sensible policy developed for control from there on.

Why is this idea important?

There is little time left to ensure that that British standards are not allowed to fall further and action has to be taken now.

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