As it has been said before, along with freedom comes responsabilities.Lives of thousands of citizens are made miserable because those that want to find a haven of peace in their homes must suffer abuse of their right to peace and quiet by inconsiderate neighbours,barking dogs,noisy kids,loud barbeques,ball games etc,as well as light polution from incorrect use of security and garden lights etc,local authorities who allow planning permission for large scale house alterations add to the problem of noise. Procedures to rectify the problem have such a long drawn out process to deal with noise complaints that the complainant gives up in frusteration,this needs immediate attention.The late Bernard Levin said that there should be more laws not less,I agree with him to some extent but with the provision that they are enforced swiftly and without complication.This would give FREEDOM to people who do consider others and want to live in peace in this stressful world.A citizen who complains about discomfort to themselves in their own home is the victim,not the perpetrator and action should be taken immediately to give them the freedom to enjoy their own home,personnel should be employed to do this.  

Why is this idea important?

Freedom to find peace and quiet in ones home is of utmost importance to the mental and physical health of the nation and should be addressed without delay.The NHS is already burdened with irresponsible citizens who have the 'freedom' to choose  unhealthy lifestyles at the expense of those who are responsible.

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