Some mothers and fathers genuinely do not have the skills needed for parenthood.

We believe that teaching real life skills is really important when it comes to numeracy and literacy, so why not teach skills for the most important job most of us will ever do?  We should give lesson time in school to both boys and girls to equip them with skills they may not learn from their parents.  Everything from practical skills, teaching to teach, teaching behaviour, responsibilities, finance, challenges, potential problems, relationship changes and how parents lives change.

In school, we teach sex education, hoping this will reduce our teenager pregnancy rate.  I think it is time to admit that our children generally understand and are taught sex education well the problem is our culture.  Maybe teaching children about parenting will create better parents for the future, who think carefully before making the decision to have children.

Why is this idea important?

Every child deserves the best start in life possible, teaching teenagers the skills of parenting would give their children a better start.  It would also possibly cut teenage pregnancies if children are more aware of the challenges and problems they would face.  I am not suggesting we teach children to be parents and encourage them to go out and become a young parent- I am suggesting we give them all the information so that they realise the full implications of becoming a parent.

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