I think that all laws from the last 20 years need reviewing to see if and how they have worked. Very often a law came about for good reasons but too quickly, and/or had bad clauses added without good enough reason so that it has had to rely on case law to work. There have also been too many proscriptive laws, and far too many new laws that have a prison sentance as the punishment for breaking them. Short of carrying a law library with us at all times, it appears far too easy to fall foul of these laws.

An example is the new vetting and barring scheme. I am totally in favour of ensuring the protection of children and the vunerable. I always thought that the enhanced CRB system was lacking in that it is reveiwed too infrequently, and is a complete bind in that if one regularly volunteers in two or more organisations one needs separate checks. Let's have a portable system that doesn't make people feel as though they are deemed guilty until they can manage to prove their innocence

A lot of EU legislation appears to have been taken over the top- should we look at France's version of the same legislation and adjust accordingly?

On the let's add to side, please can you enact the Charitable Incorporated Organisation from the 2005 Charity Act.

Why is this idea important?

My friends and I want to be treated as reasonable people, but we all get annoyed by the "daft" bits of legislation-it has been too easy to join the "Daily Mail" school of thought recently. We are the recently or about to retire generation and there are a lit of us thinking the same way.

A lot of us do or want to do voluntary work and hit up against the CRB/ vetting and barring legislation. I meet a lot who have the time to volunteer now but who will not as they hate the idea that the state feels that they are guilty of heinous crimes because all they want to do is make tea or work in a charity shop.

Anyone who works for a small organisation which is a charity and also a company limited by guarantee will know that two lots of reporting is a lot of work. The CIO would cut our accountancy costs, as well  as making life simpler.

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