Motorcycle helmets no longer mandatory.

Why is this idea important?

The vast majority of us will still wear one! Schools and Instructors will insist we wear them on lessons etc. Passing a test would require the rider to wear one. But if we choose not to, after all this instruction and education that's my/our problem.

Why change the law, when we all know the benifits of having a helmet properly fitted?

Today not all groups need to wear a helmet, I think its Sihhism. Large groups of bikes have even been herded together and allowed to ride helmet free by the police, let me make the decision to protect my head or not

We can visit many other developed and developing countries that wearing a helmet is not compulsory, so what makes us different? If I'm out on the road see a friend and want to help them out and offer them a ride, don't stop me.

Its not riding a motorcycle with out a helmet its the having an accient without wearing one that increases the chances of greater injury and death. Plus if a few more of us are dieing sooner that must be helping reduce the number of out of work OAP's and the drain on society.

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