A motorcycle has a weight of aproximatly a quater of a small car, and some of the larger spv weight twice that. As such the energy due to the speed of a motorcycle is propartionaly lower. We have lower speed limits for heavy vehicles and when trailers are involved.

Modern motorcycles are high performance machines, which are capable of very high speeds and have the brakes  and handeling to match. When a motorcycle crashes, it is usually the rider who comes off worse, so there is very little risk to the wider public. The rider would only have themself to blame.

Therefore the speed limits for modern motorcycles should  be increased. this would be in line with trucks who have lower limits, It may also improve the flow of trafic as motorcycles would quickly move through trafffic remaning out of the way of other drivers.

Sugget say, for 20, 30, and 40 limits remain the same. But 50 for card, 60 for bikes. 60 goes to 70, 70 Dual carrige way is 80 for a bike, and motorways are 100mph. Many motorcycles would not go at these speeds, as it would be too hard work for the rider for a long period.

Why is this idea important?

It would stop criminalising bikers wor just want to exercise the machine, many motorcyclists believe thay have been a soft targer for years.

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