Remove the law that allows local authorities to prohibit motorcycles to use bus lanes except where special planning permission has been approved in very restricted circumstances. For example where buses have shared use of the road with pedestrians within special traffic management schemes and all other motor traffic is diverted by another route. Bus lane trials are ongoing within the Transport for London area and have been extended for another 18 months but the London local authorities all set their own rules for their bus lanes.

These are different from council to council and there also appears to be no hard and fast rule when a bus lane should apply. I would also like more standardised hours of enforcement so drivers don't keep getting cought out when a bus lane suddenly changes its effective hours many times on the same stretch of road way [example of this is the A118 Romford Road in East London but there are many more similar cases].

Why is this idea important?

Avoids confusing and reduces the risk that an otherwise innocent road user gets caught out by sudden unexplained changes to restrictions because a bus lane in in a different local authority area despite being a continious lane. 

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