There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. And this is never truer than when applied to accident statistics for motorcycles.


Did you know that if a car has an accident on the road it is called a road traffic accident, but if the car crash is offroad, such as on a trackday, greenlaning, rallying, etc, it is called a sports accident.


But if you crash your bike ANYWHERE, on-road, off-road, trackdays, etc, it is known simply as a motorcycle accident. So all the weekend motocross, club racing, trials and green laning accidents are clubbed together to make the stats for motorcycling look worse than it really is.


There can only be one reason for this – to drive us off the roads forever.

Why is this idea important?

So the answer is simple, just separate the stats for road accidents from the off-road prangs, so that we can see a true representation of motorcycle road accidents compared to cars.


If you don't do it, we can only assume you have something to hide.

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