We are told that 1 in 10 drivers in uninsured.  Much public money is spent sorting out drunk drivers and the mess they leave behind.

On guilty of these offenses, seize the vehicle for the duration of the ban irrespective of the owner/keeper. (reduce fine to cover storage cost)  or otherwise scrap if owner prefers.  Too many folk disregard a ban or fine alone.  company car owners won't like it, boy-racers won't like it but it will get these folk, or the dodgy old vehicles off the roads and the insurance paying careful public will love it!

Why is this idea important?

It will save the public money through lower insurance premiums.  It will save public money in reduced time by police (or NHS) as once the word gets around people just won't risk it.  It will show a fair punnishment for what most good folk consider an unacceoptable crime with insufficient deterrant.

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