We all agree: speeding can kill! Those of us who have speeded and taken the course are now watching the speedometer so carefully that we take our eyes off the road for far too many moments.

Like seatbelts (which saved the NHS money), why doesn't the government compel the car industry to supply cruise control as STANDARD. This will put drivers' attention back where it belongs – on the road – and saves lives in turn. With cruise control operating, one would need to make a conscious decision to turn it off.

Why is this idea important?

the Government has spent a lot of money to re-educate drivers. I am a convert. Since the car industry has the technology to re-inforce this education (with cruise control as standard), the government should go that extra step to "persuade" them as they did all those years ago with the safety belt law.

Telling drivers to keep their eyes on the speedometer is in fact dangerous, as it takes their attention away from the road. LIVES CAN BE SAVED if we all have and use cruise control which watches the speed for us and allows us to concentrate on the road.

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