Abolish Point of Disposal environmental taxes like the land fill tax.

Instead, allow land fill and recycling centres to accept commercial waste free of charge.

To pay for this, increase the rate of VAT on building materials, tyres, etc. (i.e. whatever the difficult to dispose of items are).  VAT is cheaper to collect, impossible to avoid. Ultimately, the same person will pay for the disposal, but much sooner, without the ability to avoid the tax by dumping the waste.

To encourage recycling, make 2nd hand items VAT exempt and reduce the VAT on recycled goods, if practical.

Why is this idea important?

The way environmental taxes are collected at the moment actually causes fly tipping.

Jobbing builders, especially in low income areas, where price competition is fierce, are likely to simply find a secluded spot and fly-tip their building waste. The cause of this is the land fill tax that drives the price of a skip sky high.

The same applies to charges for tyre disposal. In Hampshire, where recycling centres have stopped accepting tyres, tyres are now being dumped at the side of the road.

All of this generates extra costs compared to simply accepting these items for free at recycling centres and land fill sites.

Recycling centres now rarely accept waste if you turn up in a van.

Trying to catch fly tippers (e.g. using CCTV cameras) simply makes the problem worse by forcing them to new, pristine beauty spots.

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