Enable private landlords to move tenants with anti-social behaviour issues out of a property in a very short time period.

Why is this idea important?

Where there is serious anti-social behaviour landlords want the ability to move the perpetrator out of the property before more damage is done to the neighbourhood and the property.

The majority of landlords are not the ogres portrayed but are responsible and caring people providing a housing service, the value of which is recognised by local authorities.  Where there are rogue landlords the local authorities have the powers to improve matters (although not always the staff).

Good landlords want good tenants and keep them wherever possible.  The bad tenant makes life a misery for landlords and neighbours and the community in which they live.

Moving those bad tenants out of their rented property is a nightmare for landlords, the Section 8 route through the courts makes it easy for the tenant to promise to turn his/her life round and so stay in the property – but many never make that change.

The anti social tenant is taking up housing which could be taken up by responsible tenants and often leaves the property in a state which means that it is empty for a long period whilst being reinstated, thus further reducing the available housing in an area.

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