Remove separate road duty and provide 3rd party only insurance paid as part of the duty on petrol prices.  This would involve a raise in the price of petrol, but is the ultimate pay as you drive charging mechanism without having any heavy process/technology involved.  The more you drive, the more you pay, the more inefficient your vehicle the more you pay.  

This removes all un taxed and un insured vehicles from the road.

Clearly most drivers would still buy insurance to provide comprehensive cover of vehicles.

Why is this idea important?

  • This removes wasted police time chasing drivers of untaxed, uninsured vehicles.
  • Removes administration overheads for the vehicle duty system, as the petrol price is already controlled by government.  No complex rules about emission based tax levels.
  • Incidents involving currently uninsured drivers would be much simpler to deal with (since they would have cover for third parties by default).
  • Reduces wasted court time recovering costs from uninsured drives and dealing with compensation proceedings for the victims of incidents.

2 Replies to “Move road duty and insurance into petrol prices”

  1. An excellant idea that would be a great help to the elderly single parents and low income households that are forced of the
    road by the car insurance cartels.

  2. This a great way to get every person who drive to pay for the mile they do and it will save all the time and cost of catching people who do not pay there road tax in the first place.If you have more than one car you can only drive one at a time but both still need road tax which is so behind the times in this computer age with no disc in sight more people can get away with out paying.If drive you pay is the best way.

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