MPs appoint their wives as their assistant and pay them above average pay. The consultation process concluded that the appointment of family members should stop. But this was rejected by MPs. I say that it was MPs who rejected this is because the head of department appointed MPs took this decision. It is also known that MPs or Politician always retain people who listen to them. Simple example of this is  Army chief asked leave with Conservatives coming into Power and similar shuffles in Education Department. The politicians have habit of cherry picking something which is good for themselves and not the country.

If you really wish to set record correct, I suggest is to put in a law that MPs should not appoint their family members as assistant.  

Why is this idea important?

This is help equitable distribution of wealth which has been MPs key policy. How, MPs will be forced to employ from ordinary masses providing 100-200 people gainful employment.

This will bring in transparency in MPs activities and external employee puts check on what MP can do.



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