To make open for public online inspection the finances of all MP's and members of the Lords.

To permit online investigation of the ethnic and national origins of all MPs and members of the Lords.

Why is this idea important?

The MP expenses scandal has made financial transparency a must. some steps have been taken, but more need to be taken. The public have a right to know how much, in lay terms, politicians at the national level are "worth" and that should inbclude spouses and parents.

The very fact that the present Prime Minister is said to be "worth" £40 millions, yet claimed for light bulbs and food from the public purse (while complaining about welfare claimants!) makes this proposal essential. The public have a right to know that most members of the present Cabinne are worth many millions and/or have huge expectations in terms of inheritance, because these politicians are planning, and have said they plan, to reduce the means available to the poorest in our society.

Likewise, the public have a right to know the ethnic and cultural roots of our politicians. It is not irrelevant to know that many are part-Jewish, part-Japanese etc, particularly in terms of foreign policy, Middle East affairs etc.

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