MPs pay & expenses should be overhauled to prevent ANY possibility of abuse. Therefore taking the Lewis's Partnership idea on board backbench MPs should get a fixed salary equal to 10 times the minimum wage, the PM should get 20 times & ministers, committee chairmen etc a range from 11 to 19 times.

A "Parliamentary Transport Department" should be created whose remit is to organise & pay for MPs travel requirements from constituency address to House of Commons & back (only) at the CHEAPEST possible cost.

A "Parliamentary Accommodation Department" should be created whose remit is to purchase & maintain an apartment block & allocate each MP an apartment.

Each MP should be allocated a Personal Assistant, employed directly by government, preventing the scandal of employing friends & relatives on spurious duties. They will be allowed to employ such people – but at their own expense – not ours.

These changes would mean that MPs are suitably rewarded financially, with an eye on the poorest in the UK, together with an inability to claim anything, thereby restoring public confidence.

Why is this idea important?

To restore public confidence in their elected members & to prevent ANY possibility of further expenses scandals.


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