Too many well meaning MSP's & MP's see problems and immediately try to legislate to solve them without regard to cost on local authorities or businesses and individual tax payers.

If every proposed law in the UK and Scottish Parliaments had to have an estimated cost per person on income / Council tax to implement it, and conversely, the cost per person on income / Council tax without it, maybe they would think twice! This should include all the time spent by MP's , researchers and other bureaucrats in implementing it, and unit cost of helping each person they intend to help with the law.

Also make MP's & MSP's do a certain amount of time on work placements in public bodies and businesses so they know what it's like in the real world.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because too often politicians try to pass laws because they think it will get them a vote, but they don't think about the costs realistically.

Elected politicians spending time on work placements (not PR stunts) would help them understand the real world, stop them spending so much time regulating, and take them out of the rich and famous clique in London.

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