With the present report on the current "Drink Drive" blood alcahol  limit, commisioned by Labour's Lord Adonis being suject to scrutiny at present. Perhaps it is time to make the same alcahol limit imposed upon a driver, because it may affect their judgement or reactions. also applicable to any MP or member of the House of Lords when entering their respective legislative chambers. A driver can cause a major crash when driving under the influence of drink. Our MP's could, and possibly have, crashed the whole of our country. With no check  upon their sobriety when voting on many vital measures legislated upon. If the drink drive limit is to be reduced, affecting many rural, and social occasions. For no other reason than a much overated blanket safety subtifuge. Then the same limits of sobriety should be enforced upon those voting upon this, or ANY legislation. Which is vitaly more important, and has no control whatsoever. Most votes are taken at night, after much discussion in the numerous house of commons bars. BAN DRINKING AND VOTING!

Why is this idea important?

A legislative authority should never be able to force standards upon others that it will not comply with, or conform too itself. An MP should never be able to vote on national issues when they are over the same limit they deem safe for others.

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