I am concerned at the proposal to switch off the FM radio signal. Doing so would render my FM Hi Fi, bedroom clock radio, car radio and all the other radios I have in my home completely useless. These radios cost many hundreds of pounds and all are working perfectly. I have one DAB radio. Other than making many more stations available, stations to which I never listen, DAB has nothing to offer that is better than FM. Reception is nowhere near as good, whilst power consumption is much higher.  I write as an 85 year old veteran of the Battle of Arnhem. Mr. Clegg. I urge you to scrap this unwanted law and leave FM operating.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because there is no justification in my being obliged to obtain new equipment to replace existing equipment that does not need replacing. This objection would apply even if the replacement was supplied free of charge or at a subsides cost.

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