My surgestion is about the right to roam. My post code is Scottish but I live in England, This is IMPORTANT as different contries have different laws. I  have a small farm in England ,and several footpaths and bridal ways run through it. I agree that people should have the privelage to walk around and see the beauty of the contry side . However I appose that I have to pay nearly £100 in insurance for other people to do this, + anohter 1% in insurance tax increase to be implemented after the June budget. If people whish to do this they should be made to take out their own insurance. I should not be liable for the county councils footpaths. To call out a rescue helecopter would cost several hundred if not thousand of £s to launch and rescue. Most other types of out door enjoyment like sailing , it would be the responsibility of the boats owner to take out their own insurance. Why not hikers? , Today has become an American claim and sue culture, you see many adverts on the tv surgesting you should . Say if I was in somebodies garden stealing apples from their tree and fell and hurt my self , nothing would be done. However if someone was blackberry picking on my land and the same happened they would try sue me .THIS LAW IS A FARCE. In fact the only place you can be done for tresspassing in England is on a military base or a railway line which used to encure a 40 shillings fine.


BY the way LIB DEMS what happened to your fair, Local income tax system to replace the council tax, I did not hear anything about it in the run up to the general elections. Have you ditched the idea.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is fair , those who enjoy their hobby , in this case, walking in the country side should PAY their OWN INSURANCE , not me PAY THEIRS. The cost of other insurance is crippling me already. The gready insurance companies have hiked car insurance by 33% by rasing the excess from £50 to £150. Very stealth hike. TAX FAIR – INSURE FAIR. Thats all I ask.

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