'Open Transparency' by Police Force over the use of Speed Devices.

At present, the police force is not obliged to send the driver of a vehicle alleged of a speeding offence with the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) any factual evidence of the alleged offence, such as photographic/make & model of device/calibration certificate/operators detail. etc. This is only provided in court if the case is contested.

In order, to improve better relations betweem the police and public; the above information should be provided to the driver as a matter of course, with the NIP showing candidness on the part of the police that there have nothing to hide. After all our constitution does say that a person is innocent unless proving guilty.

Why is this idea important?

We all know that no one and nothing is infallible, especially electronics/computirised technology. There is always some margin of errors o speed devices. These can be faulty equipments, bad maintenance and/or human error.

By given the opportunity to receive & check all the evidence available prior to admission of guilt, would eliminate the suspicion and the general consensus of opinion that speed cameras are not there to save lives but a source of revenue for the police force.

I look forward to a reply. Thank you.



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