Let everyone choose if they want  there  pubs to be smoke zones or not , but bigger ones should have seperate designated rooms for either smoking or none smoking, and for all pubs to have it clearly stated outside there premises if they are a smoking or none smoking pub, then it is up to the individual if they want to go into these premises. I do think that all pubs should  have proper venilation to take as much of the smoke as possible

Why is this idea important?

I am a non smoker, but i have seen what damage it has done  since the smoking ban came in. I work in a small pub, it is situated on a corner, so we have to either send people out onto the street or send them out the back alley where all the rubbish is kept, as we are in a holiday resort we have family`s passing by regularly, so it dos`nt look good when you see groups of lads all standing outside. Also have groups that come into the pub and ask if we have a beer garden as some of there friends are smokers, as we dont have one they go to other ones that do. i do think that we need to find a happy medium so we can cater for everyone

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